Accurev Plugin - Linux File Access Problem

when using the accurev plugin to promote code we have to place the comment text inside a file and get accurev to open that file.
We do this because comments cannot contain new line characters if specified on the command line.

The command used by the plugin is :

accurev.exe promote -H serverName:5050 -A 3f5b36520f21ec5dac7757d9f5b1d5cb -c@"C:\TeamCity\temp\Comments_fd312b57-9cea-4f81-91f6-3b987752bc20.txt" -s StreamName_TESTING_3 -t 2853866

The -c@"C:\TeamCity\temp\Comments_fd312b57-9cea-4f81-91f6-3b987752bc20.txt" refers to a file containing the comment text.
On windows this command works fine.

But on linux we get the following error:

Unable to open comment file: "/data/TeamCity/tmp/Comments_b328e062-b51c-4204-bec1-783d9126fe83.txt"

But If the command is run separately on the linux command line (as the same user) it works.
when run through the accurev plugin it fail.

Any suggestions?

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This probably is not related to AccuRev TeamCity Plugin, but rather to general TeamCity plugins issue or the accurev binary itself.

I'd check that if you run another command (e.g. a shell script), it has access to the file and then would try to run the accurev binary using all the same environment that TeamCity process has.


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