Running a build with a temporary build parameter when pinned

I am trying to build a server side plugin that will re-run a build when it is pinned.  However, I don't want to just rerun exactly the same build, I want to add a specific build parameter to that execution of the build.  I know that I need to extend the BuildServerAdapter and implement the buildPinned() method.  I have also figured out a way to create a new build parameter for the build type, however, that new parameter becomes persistent on the build configuration.  I do not want it to be persistent, just to be applicable only for that one run of the build.  This is what I have so far:

  public void buildPinned(SBuild sBuild, User user, String s) {
     List<String> tags = sBuild.getTags();
     if (tags.contains("ReleaseCandidate")) {
       BuildPromotion buildPromotion = sBuild.getBuildPromotion().copy(true);
       SBuildType buildConfig = buildPromotion.getBuildType();
       buildConfig.addBuildParameter(new SimpleParameter("release-build", "true"));
This has the effect that I want except that it leaves the "release-build" parameter set to true after the build completes.

Does anyone have an idea on how to set the build parameter just for that one run of the build?



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