Creating a NotificationRule?

I can't seem to find the necessary API calls to create and add a new notification rule.

I see the addNewRule method in NotificationRulesHolder, NotificationRulesManager, and UserGroupNotificationRulesManager, but this method requires a NotificationRule to be passed in, and I can't find a way to actually create a NotificationRule.

I see there's an undocumented factory, NotificationRuleFactory, but since it's undocumented, I'm assuming that's a closed API? Surely there has to be a way to create a notification rule via the Open API, if the addNewRule methods exist? :) Or perhaps, the intent is that you can only add existing rules as "new" rules for a given user/group/etc.?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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So it turns out that using NotificationRuleFactory to create the NotificationRule (well, technically, it creates a sub-interface, NotificationRuleInit) seems to work.  Here's what my code does:

Collection<NotificationRule.Event> events = new HashSet<NotificationRule.Event>();
events.add(NotificationRule.Event.BUILD_FINISHED_SUCCESS); events.add(NotificationRule.Event.BUILD_FINISHED_FAILURE); NotificationRuleInit rule = this.notificationRuleFactory.createRuleForProject(myProject, events); this.notificationRulesManager.addNewRule(this.userGroupManager.getAllUsersGroup().getKey(), EMAIL_NOTIFIER_TYPE, rule);

Note that notificationRuleFactory, notificationRulesManager, and userGroupManager are all Spring-autowired fields of my class.

However... I am still using the undocumented (closed API class) NotificationRuleFactory.  Is there a better/more correct way of doing this?

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Sorry for delay with replying. Unfortunately there is no open API for creating notification rules at the moment. However if you want to add notification rule to a user, you do not have to use NotificationRulesManager, because SUser interface extends from NotificationRulesHolder which has methods allowing to manage user notification rules. The same is true for user group class.


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