How exceute my plugin from teamcity

Iam new to Teamcity Plugin development. I'm using TeamCity professional version 6.
We have created a maven project and developed one java zip file .We done following steps.

  1. shutdown TeamCity server
  2. Copy the zip archive with the plugin into <TeamCity Data Directory>/plugins directory.
  3. Start TeamCity server: the plugin files will be unpacked and  processed

After that

  1. Shutdown TeamCity server
  2. Copy the plugin jar file into <TeamCity  web application>/WEB-INF/lib directory. Default TeamCity  web application is <TeamCity home>/webapps/ROOT.

        3.Start TeamCity server.
But after this  we are not able to navigate to that particular page.How can I call this java plugin from teamcity. I have tried like http://localhost:8181/<myplugin>

But its showing page not found. Is this the right way to call. or am I missed something?

please advice

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Placing the plugin under .BuildServer/plugins and restarting the server is enough for the plugin functioning. You should not copy any more jars or perform any additional steps.

Can you pleae explain what you expect from the plugin and how you developed a page that you expect to access?
You can use sample plugin that is located under devPackage in .exe and .tar.gz TeamCity installation to see how plugin can register own page.

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Thanks Yarko for your quick reply.

Actually I was trying to add 1 tab along with the existing tabs.  I want to show all build error reports inside that Tab. Actually Im struggling with this issue for the last few days. Might be some settings missed . Is there any sample project available for checking  my local teamcity is working ? or can you provide what all are the things I need to check other than the above.

thanks in advance

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So, your build procedure produces some custom reports and you need to display them within TeamCity UI, right?

In such case you don't need to develop Java-based plugins. Please take a look at Including Third-Party Reports in the Build Results page.
You can just register these reports and they will be automatically caught in every build.

Does it work for your case?


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As to plugin example, you can refer to the sample plugin included into .exe and .tar.gz distributions.
See also other available plugin example options.


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