How to programmatically retrieve changes from subversion and transforming them into changesets

I have the following scenarios:
- a 'main' maven project, using a main svn repo
- a 'functional tests'(ft)  maven project, using a ft svn repo
- a 'run ft' build configuration running tests defined in 'ft'  having vcs settings configured to use 'ft' svn repo

ft depends on main, and has a reference to a main version (e.g. 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT) in its pom.

Whenever the 'run ft' build configuration fails, the cause of failure may be due to changes in its 'main' dependency, so I'd like to report which changes have happened in 'main' between the previous and current 'run ft' build.

Given that I get the 'main' revision numbers for the previous and current 'run ft' build, would it be possible to programmatically create a 'main' changeset to add to the  'run ft' reports alongside the automatically created 'ft' changeset? Is there any API I can use to specify the VCS root (main), the start and end svn revision numbers, and retrieve a list of SvcsModifications to add to a SBuild?

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There is TW-2576 request for that, please vote.
As workaround, you could include main VCS root into second configuration. here was a similar thread.


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Michael noted theuser-level approaches (and I do hope we will be able to address the mentioned feature request).
However, if you are looking for a current programmatic solution, you can probably look into creating own version control support plugin that will be watching another configuraiton and will report appropriate changes as comint from the "version control".

This probably needs further investigation, but please do not hesitate to ask us any questions that you may have.


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