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Hello team,

I just purchased and upgraded to version 10 and I started to implement one plugin for custom HTML like language with bindings to java code.
I have these binding variables that corresponds to java fields. Something similar what you have in JSP where you have implicit variable and bindings thru which you can access method of this variable e.g.

<%= session.get....

in my case
  <TAG name="$object.name"...

Is there a way to:
1) Somehow plug in my logic to do syntax error highlighting if I recognize in the code that user made some typo

2) Is there a way how to hook my custom functionality
          a) Go to declaration
          b) Go to Implementation

3) What can I do to implement functionality you have in java code where if the where if I type in method name that does not exists and using shortcut I can invoke popup menu that let me create such method or variable.

e.g. if I have cursor on $object.name  and the "name" of the $object does not exists yet I would somehow need to tell besides highlighing it with red  - create Field, method - so some popup and my actions

Thank you for any feedback you can give me.


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Hi Frantisek

This is a forum of plugins for TeamCity product. I suggest you to repost this question to IntelliJ IDEA Users.



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