How can I create a custom chart of all available projects in TeamCity?

Hi Experts,

I'm new to TeamCity. I need to create a custom chart which needs to show all the available projects in TeamCity. For Eg: I want ot show all avaiable projects in Y axis and corresponding build failures in X axis. I have created a sample chart of individual project by adding the following in main-config.xml

<graph title="Custom data" seriesTitle="Metric name">
   <valueType key="key1" title="Metric 1" />
   <valueType key="key2" title="Metric 1" />
   <valueType key="BuildDuration" title="Duration" />

But don't know how to configure for all the projects available in TeamCity.

Can somebody please help me how can I do this. This is very urgent .

Thanks in Advance


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At the moment it's not possible out of the box, please vote for TW-8746 request.
You also could write a plugin, take a look at this simalar thread.



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