You are right, this is not available so far. However, I've just fixed the bug you mentioned, so there will be a way in the next releases.

Also, adding exposing triggeredBy information for the build via REST would probably help (when available).

BTW, can you describe why do you need to get a user for a personal build?


I have a email notification tool that tracks

the metrics that a TeamCity step can generate.

TeamCity only emails on pass/fail etc. I need more granularity to enforce various things.

So if someone adds a warning to a build or increases a metric , my module emails the user to notify him.

Currenlty I can only do this after the user has checked in his code, I would like to have the option to email a user who has done a personal build to tell him that "if you did check in the code , metric A,B,C would increase,decrease etc"



Thank you for the explanation.

BTW, you might consider implementing the notification as a TeamCity plugin and may be even share it with other users.

At some point we might also add a feature like this into TeamCity as we have alike requests (TW-3041 and related).
So it would be great if you can describe the functionality so that we can get ideas on the feature.


Since TeamCity metrics are not avaiable via REST or SQL  I cannot provide a generic plugin.

I currently push my metrics to a seperate SQL database and just use the REST api to extract the VCS changes.

I am also doing the seperate SQL metrics database since the TeamCity graph reporting mechanism is not very good and i need a datasource to run BIRT like reports on it.



> Since TeamCity metrics are not avaiable via REST or SQL  I cannot provide a generic plugin.

If you choose to write TeamCIty Java plugin it can retrieve all the necessary information via TeamCity open API.

BTW, I've added ability to get build statistics values via REST.



Been a long while since I have done Java....

Was simpler for my to do a C# app and communicate via REST.


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