TC plugin automation

Hi Eperts,
I'm new to TC plugin development. I have created a TC plugin which will audit the settings of our project. Now I want to automate the test cases. Is there any preference for this automation approach. I'm planning to go with TestNG-Selenium.  Please direct me, is this the prefered one

thanks in advance

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Can you please describe what you want to achieve in more detail?
Why do you need to write a plugin and proper build script is not enough for you?

TeamCity has support for TestNG tests, see the section in the doc.

If you look for getting test running progress in TeamCity for not supported framework, you might find service messages useful.

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Thanks Yarko for the quick reply. We have a TC plugin which will give the report of which all projects are violeting our Company rules, java and Maven versions  used in projects are the one which company has prescribed etc. For automating we are plan to edit the settings with valid /invalid inputs and record it through selenium and run that script in TestNG. Whats your thought?


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Not sure I understand the case better now, so my previous reply still holds.


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