How to make custom runner that uses Ant Runner

Hi All,

We have a number of builds that are run by the Ant build runner, are triggered only manually, and require some parameters to be set before running.  Right now we are using the elipisis button on the Ant Runner button and then manually entering the parameters.

It would be very nice to modify the build runner to provide a nice web UI that allows me to replace the standard ANT Run button with my own, and then my own popup for acquiring the needed parameters.  Some of the parameters can be statically obtained before the popup is realized, and it would be nice to wire in some auto-complete/dynamic search kind of functionality as well.  Once all parameters are obtained and verified, the normal Ant Runner could be invoked to finish processing.

From reading your plugin API and Docs it is not clear to me how this could be done.  Can someone give me a brief set of pointers on how to attack this problem?


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What you describe seems like what is requested in TW-12745. Please vote/watch the issue if it is what you need.
I've also added a comment to the issue describing current workaround approach possible for a plugin.


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