Command Line Remote Runner

1) How many projects/builds can be in one file?

2) Is there a way to create files for all the projects in my system?

3) Looking at the contents of a mappings file, how can I tell which build type it mapps to?  For example, I have a "" file with this content:





Is it easy to tell what build it is for?

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Comment actions Permalink does not have any information about build configurations intentionally. It stores VCS specific information which allows TeamCity server to check whether build configuration specified in command line is compatible with patch created by command line tool.
With this approach if you create new build configuration with same VCS settings there is no need to regenerate mapping file.

However, I agree that the whole usability of the tool is low, this is the main reason why we do not bundle it. For example, it could have a command to list all build configurations that can be triggered using specified mapping file. I think this would solve your problem.


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