TeamCity test history analysis API

Hi folks,

I would like to automatically analyze the test history of each test in order to automatically find for example, all tests that have their running time doubled for at most X builds.

Do I have to access TeamCity's internal database? Do you provide a sort of scripting interface? If nothing like this exists, I could give it back to the community if it makes sense.


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Hello Moreno,

   Unfortunately, we don't have OpenAPI for the individual test history. You can access build configuration history (SBuildType.getHistory), and load individual build tests, using the following code example:

         final BuildStatistics stats = build.getBuildStatistics(new BuildStatisticsOptions(PASSED_TESTS | IGNORED_TESTS, 0));

         final List<STestRun> tests = stats.getTests(null, Order.NATURAL_ASC);

   But executing this query for deep build history may be slow if you have many tests.
   Hope, this helps,

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