Is that possible to extend TeamCity so that it reboots virtual machines hosted on ESX(i) if agents residing on the VMs become non-responsive?

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I tried to find any similar question in the community discussion but failed.

We are currently evaluating TeamCity as CI platform to migrate our Kernel Mode Driver projects for Mac/Linux/Windows to. As our product is Kernel Mode driver, it could and actually does kill the test machines (BSOD, Kernel panic, etc.).

So I wonder if it is possible to develop a plugin that fits TeamCity's architecture and can try to reenable 'dead' agents by using ESX API to return test machines to snapshots and power them on using ESXi API after agents became non-responsive?

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Yes. You may write such plugin. TeamCity has connected/disconnected agents. You may fetch the list of agents and detect if agent machine was crashed (would mean disconnected in TeamCity).
For more details see BuildServerListener listener interface and/or BuildAgentManager.
Take a look at the documentation:

We have VMWare cloud plugin. You may take a look on it as reference:


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