Accurev Plugin ANT script errors

The ant build script for the Accurev plug-in has been heavily modified in the latest version from:

The modifications are non-trivial and cause the build to fail with error message:


Buildfile: build.xml



C:\projects\accurev\TTBuilder_Trunk\buildapi\projects\AccurevTeamCityPlugin\teamcity-common.xml:161: Cannot find TeamCity distribution at path 'teamcity-dist/'. The property 'teamcity.distribution' or 'path.variable.teamcitydistribution' should point to unpacked TeamCity .tar.gz or .exe distribution.

Total time: 0 seconds


I have tried removing the ant targets which seemed unnecessary but this only yields more errors.

I am not an ANT expert and have no idea how to fix it.


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This plugin is not being developed by JetBrains. Its maintainer is Daniel Nolan. I don't think he is monitoring this forum continuously, but you can find him in this thread or contact directly.



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