How to get the full build status (including tests, inspections etc)

Ie, in the builds list in teamcity, the build status is:
"Tests passed: 19; inspections total: 14, errors: 11" <-- how can I get this string in a plugin?

I'm currently watching for the server event "buildFinished" (public void buildFinished(SRunningBuild build)) and then I try and get some status messages using

build.getStatusDescriptor().getText() or build.getBuildStatus().getText(), but neither gives me the information I want. Is there a different event I can listen on, to get a SFinishedBuild instead?

The results I'm getting when using getStatusDescriptor().getText() are pretty odd. I'm not sure what it is supposed to print, but here are some example outputs:

Ie, example output when using build.getStatusDescriptor().getText():
"Tests passed: 19; Changes" (Changes? What changes?)
Then sometimes I get the very unsatisfying
"Running" (but you just finished??)
or when a build fails, I've seen a couple of cases of:

"Process exited with code 2; Fetch source files" (Sure, it failed, but what does the source files have to do with anything? (it was a normal build failure)

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The case is that the event gets SRunningBuild which calculates status string by a bit different rules then finished build.
This is a bit wrong design that stays for historical reasons. I filed an issue to correct this: TW-22027.

> "Tests passed: 19; inspections total: 14, errors: 11" <-- how can I get this string in a plugin?
Could you please try this code:
(you will need to call it on BuildsManager instance obtained via Spring)

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Works great so far. I'll deploy it this afternoon and let you know if we run into any issues.

(We tried to use some code recommended in a previous thread before:
info = new InspectionInfo(myBuildServer, build.getBuildId()).getStatistics();, but that gives us nullptr exception in the cases where there is no inspection data.



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