Access denied errors when accessing TeamCity server via REST API.

I'm trying to use the REST API to access our TeamCity server, but I keep getting access denied related errors.

Here is the url I'm using:


Naturally I've removed the actual details from the url, but the above format is the same.

When I send an AJAX call to the url, I get this in reply (via the jQuery AJAX error() function)

"Access to restricted URI denied"  code: "1012"

This is telling me that my user does not have access to the server via the API, though I am able to log onto the server via the TC web UI without issues.

I double-checked this by using TeamCitySharp to acess the TC server and I got the same result - an access denied error.

Can someone help by telling me other configuration is required in order to allow my user to access the TC server via the REST API please?

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I've managed to get the TeamCitySharp code working:

var tc = new TeamCityClient("teamcity.server:port");

tc.Connect("username", "password");

var projects = tc.AllProjects();

The mistake I made was that I needed to add "teamcity." to the start of the url in the call to new TeamCityClient().

OK that's cool. So it looks like the jQuery AJAX method is failing for a different reason, but I can't see what.
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You can also check the URL with a curl tool, if necessary.

I'd doublecheck that the client you are using (i.e. JQuery method) support specification of user credentials directly in the URL.


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