Getting muted tests list

I'm working on the server side plugin that's supposed to notify some proprietary notification system with statuses of the builds. To filter out statuses carefully I need to get lists of muted test for each build or build type (or project, don't know much about underlying data model). This is not a problem due server listener supports listening for muted/unmuted test events. The problem is how can I find muted tests at the time when server loads plugin? Is there any way to look through the server side beans and find this configuration for each build type? I believe this data is persistent.
Any help would be appreciated!

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Any ideas?
Is anybody awaring of this business here?

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Sorry for the delay in replying.

> how can I find muted tests at the time when server loads plugin?
You can get ProblemMutingService bean from Spring and use it for the task.

Did you consider implementing notificator using the standard approach?
You might not need to listed for events and just get the current data whenever necessary.

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Hi Yegor,
Thanks for replying.
I'll take a look into ProblemMutingService, have a good feeling this is what I'm looking for.
About standard notification subsystem, initially I was going to use it but after some experiments I found it not clean for me. Idea plugin didn't work for me or I expected another behavior, but another possible use cases were not allowed for me due some enterprise circumstances, so I decided to follow the naive way and leverage common services. Now I got that part of implementation I have simply emulates notification service TC has. But that was funky to investigate TC system!


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