Troubleshooting a Hello World plugin

I've been struggling to get a simple plugin to work with TeamCity.  The posts and online material has been helpful to get things started, but for some reason I can't get a simple plugin to function.  Perhaps another set of eyes can find the problem.

Attached is the source along with a zip of the archive you can use to install on the server.  It looks similar to a 'getting started' type post from 2008 but adding the init-method didn't work for me.

Here are the details which I think could be the root of any potential problem, otherwise check the '' for the installation of the plugin.


<beans default-autowire="constructor">
  <bean id="hello" init-method="register"/>

source code snipit of the plugin

public class BuildServerAdapterHelloWorld extends BuildServerAdapter

 private final static Logger LOGGER = Logger.getLogger(BuildServerAdapterHelloWorld.class.getName());
    private final SBuildServer myBuildServer;

 //Constructor ( Auto wired )
 public BuildServerAdapterHelloWorld(SBuildServer aBuildServer)

 LOGGER.log(Level.INFO, "Hello World starting...1");
 Logger.getAnonymousLogger().log(Level.INFO, "Hello World starting...2");
 System.out.println("Hello World Starting...3");
 myBuildServer = aBuildServer;
    public void register()
 Logger.getAnonymousLogger().log(Level.INFO, "Hello World register...2");
 public void buildStarted(SRunningBuild build)
 LOGGER.log(Level.INFO, "Hello World buildstarted...");
 Logger.getAnonymousLogger().log(Level.INFO, "Hello World buildstarted...2");
 System.out.println("Hello World buildstarted...");

Any ideas for this novice java programmer?

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Sorry for the delay in replying.

Have you managed to get the plugin working? Is the quesiton still actual?

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In general, yes.  The plugin contents were not being packged correctly so I started with the samplePlugin provided with TeamCity and edited it to get started as it uses ant to create a functional jar file.

Question, is there a best practice for 'printf'?  The methods I tried did not result in any messages in the TeamCity\logs\*.   I used the windows UI to start/stop the service, is the logging behavior different if the service is started through the command line bat file?

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Standard output appears in other files under logs\ (e.g. catalina.out). However, you should really consider using Log4J logging instead of printing into stdout.
For an example, search for "Logger" in\src\jetbrains\sample\extensions\buildQueuePause\  or in


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