Question about CriticalErrors object

In my plugin, I have a button that starts and stops the Build Queue on demand.  This button also uses the putError method of the CriticalErrors object (following the lead of the plugin sample), which I thought was a system wide message.  However, now that I am using TeamCity in a "production" environment I have noticed that non-administrator users do not see these error messages.  Is there something else I can be using so that non-administrator users can see a system wide message (that appears on every page) so that they know the Build Queue is paused?

I really don't want to make everyone Administrators, but I would also really like to show an "error" message on every page.


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The primary role of CriticalErrors object is to inform about global configuration problems. It seems in your case it would be better to attach an extension to PlaceId.BEFORE_CONTENT and show message whenever you need.


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