ProgramCommandLine and passwords


I have a custom build runner type plugin. On the server, I collect a password in the edit view, using Constants.SECURE_PROPERTY_PREFIX to make the value hidden.

On the agent, I extend BuildServiceAdapter, and in makeProgramCommandLine() I return a new ProgramCommandLine. In getArguments() I read my parameter from getRunnerParameters().

However, in the build log, the BuildServiceAdapter writes:

[22:06:03]Starting: C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\temp\buildTmp\octo-temp\MyExe.exe arg1 <my password in plain text>

How can I prevent BuildServiceAdapter from echoing this output, or at least mask the password argument?


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Sorry for delay. Please try to override method isCommandLineLoggingEnabled and return false there. It should disable logging the command line to build log.


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