Is this sort of plugin possible?

Hi, I'am new to TeamCity and I'am wondering if it is possible to create a plugin for TC that is

  • Configurable via the WebUI
  • Can modifie the source code where a build agent is running

We have a C# solution where we need to remove projects/folders/files and change project files for our public release via NuGet/CodePlex.
The idea is now to have a simple list of stuff that should be removed/replaces on the buildserver but editable via the TC WebUI so its no big deal to change things.

Is this possbile and/are there example of plugings that do stuff like this?

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Not sure on the details of your needs, but it is definitely possible to add a plugin which will have options configurable by project or server administrators and will execute custom logic on the agent. You can check Swabra/Build FIles cleaner for an example.


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