Extending UI by a new plugin

Hi guys,

I'm currently implementing a plugin that would allow us to lock/unlock a branch directly from TeamCity and I would need to put an icon/link/whatever on a place (in Project overview tab) that is, I guess, not that common (please see the attached screenshot). I went through all the PlaceIds but found no suitable one to use. Is there an easy way (e.g. like the extension of the main menu) how to achieve anything like that? I would ideally like to avoid doing some kind of a javascript hacking myself.

Thank you for any help!

Best regards,


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Do you need it to be displayed for all the build configurations? (it is displayed for one on the screenshot)
Or is this an icon for an entire project?

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Hi Yegor,

it is meant to be displayed for all the build configurations that have been locked under the selected project (on the screenshot it is displayed just for simplification, sorry about that). Is this possible?



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Hi Jan,

Short answer is: this place is not extensible right now. One of the reasons of not doing it is performance: calling one extension is a full request for the web container, and the number of build configurations can be quite big.
But I don't think writing a JS snippet that does the work is a big deal. Try for example:


Hope this helps.



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