How to implement Build Failure notification escalation - email

In Jenkins there is Email-ext pl;ugin that allows you to configure every aspect of email notifications - specifically you can specify that after 2nd consecutive build failure the email will be sent to specific people - effectively providing build failure escalation. How to go about creating something like that for TC? Would be nice to have other stuff like "alert afer the build has been broken for over X minutes", etc

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Hi Alex,

At this time abilities to implement custom notifications are quite limited in TeamCity. This might be because many of TeamCity users use the UI actively and do not use notifications a lot.

Still, at this time there is no way to define custom notification event ( ) or send a notification from a plugin ( ).

While we do plan to improve these, currently the only viable option is probably to listen for the build events and send out a notification independently from the TeamCity-provided logic.


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