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I am new to TeamCity and I developed  cloud plugin and deployed in TeamCity 8. When ever I create a build and there is no non-cloud agent connected, then TeamCity is starting an instance of a binding image. Until this point every thing is working as expected.  The status of that instance is showing as Running in the clouds tab. But in the Compatible Agents tab of a build, the cloud agent is specified as starting and it is always in starting state itself. Buil is present in queue itself and it is not at all starting using the cloud agent. Please find the attachments of clouds tab and compatible agents tab. Can any one please tell me whast going wrong.


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Hi Poorna,

Sorry for the delay in replying.
Is the issue still actual?

What is the state of the instance during the time?
Upon launch of the instance, a TeamCity agent should start on it and should automatically connect to the TeamCity server (it is assumed that the instance is pre-configured).

If the instance starts (and it is the task of the plugin to insure that) and the TeamCity agent connects to the server, you should see it under one of the Agents tabs.

BTW, what cloud platform do you use?

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Hi Yarko,

Thanks for the reply.

I am using my own cloud platform. The state of teh instances are under RUNNING.

Eventhough instance is in RUNNING state the binding teamcity agent is not online.

My question is the binding agent in not online and the instance is in RUNNING state under clouds tab. Now that instance will be treated as a virtual agent and it can be present in Compatable Agents in SATRTED/AVIALABLE state RIght? But this virtual agent is alwars in Starting state.


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> Eventhough instance is in RUNNING state the binding teamcity agent is not online.

You mean that the instance is started, but TeamCity agent is not connected to the TeamCity server (not listed under connected agents tab)?
If so, please ensure the agent is correctly installed on the instance (as per the link in my previous message).
If it is installed but cannot connect to the server, please check agent and server logs to figure our the casue.


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