Best way to get investigation remove method

I am currently developing a program that displays details about currently ongoing investigations.  I am using a Custom Notifier to tell the program when investigations change whilst it is running, but my program needs to get the current state of investigations when it start up.  I have been using the REST API to do this, but in implementing different behaviour for investigations that are resolved automatically vs. those that are resolved manually I have discovered that the REST API doesn't expose an investigation's remove method.

Can anyone suggest a way of getting this data on program startup?  Perhaps it might be possible to update the REST API plugin to expose this data, can anyone give me any tips?



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Hi Nick,

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to get the data you need at this time.
Actually, the corresponding feature request is still not closed, so currently available functionality is in experimental state and you are right, it lacks the data.
Hopefully, there will be improvements in 8.1 release later this year. Please watch the issue to stay updated.

Current approach can be branching REST API plugin and adding the missing functionlity or parsing HTML pages (not recommended one!)

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Thankyou for the reply :)

I shall keep monitoring this issue.  Is there anything I can do to encourage its addition to the next update?

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I see you have already voted for the issue, so your vote is already taken into account.

For complex functionality a source code patches are welcome, however, this one does not seem complex and I gust nbeed to find some time to code that in.

Feel free to bring up the topic again is the isuse is still not fixed in a month.


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