How to use the extension point other plugin?

In a plugin has testng extension point:

    <extensionPoints >
      <extensionPoint qualifiedName="com.theoryinpractice.testng.listener" interface="org.testng.IDEATestNGListener"/>

I want to use this extension point as follows:

     <extensions defaultExtensionNs="TestNG-J">
        <com.theoryinpractice.testng.listener implementation="org.example.MyTestNGListener" />

But it did not work. What am I doing wrong?

(If there are errors, I'm sorry, did the translation from Google Translate)

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Hi Raimbek,

Is this TeamCity-related question or IDEA one?
If TeamCity-related, pleae provide more context for the issue.
If IDEA one, this should probably be posted to another forum.

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I apologize for such a question is not meaningful. This is IDEA one question.


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