Eclipse Plugin Remote Run doesn't Work

Hell there,

im trying to test the Remote Run function with the Eclipse Plugin but it doesn't seem to work.

Im getting the following error:

There are no build configurations that can be triggered with the selected files. Please check that the following conditions are met:

  • local VCS settings correspond to the VCS settings of the target build configurations on the TeamCity server;
  • you have view and run build permissions for the target project.

When I use IntelliJ it works just fine :_|

Im running on Windows 7 64-Bit with:

Eclipse Version 4.2.0
Subversive SVN 1.7 JavaHL Connector
TeamCity 8.1.1

The SVN Repository is located on a different machine.

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Hi Chris,

Looks strange. Could you please enable debug logging and attach log from $HOME$/.TeamCity-Eclipse-Plugin here.
Does TeamSynchronization view shows changes?

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Hi Vlad,

yes the View shows the changes, in the TAB "TeamCity Watched Projects" I can only see
one of my Projects though and no Subprojects.

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Hey Vlad,

almost there.

When I add an Error to my Sources and execute a Remote run, everything works just fine. He finds the Build Configurations, tries to Compile it, get's an error.

But if I remove the Error I get the same Dialog as before, that he cant find the Build Configurations.

For now its okay though. So thank you very much.

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Hi Chris,

As I understand logging information, first plugin asks suitable configurations for all opened projects (with svn sharing).

And 13 configurations found for them.

On second call (remote run) it detected changes only in
And there no Build Confiurations matchs this files.

If you have some changed files at the same time, there looks like bug.

BTW: You can see that in "Asking Applicable Configurations" log messages


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