Custom SVN Trigger for TeamCity

Hi folks,

I'm trying to implement a plugin for TC. The purpose is this: periodically check build configurations for modifications. Whenever such have been traced, add build to the build queue of the most appropriate agent. I'm using IntelliJ + Maven for development. (TeamCity 8.1.1 (build 29939) + IntelliJ 13.1.2 + Maven 3.2.1)

Currently, I have the following problem:

I have imported the TC open API libraries to develop my plugin as described in TC. It seems all of my classess can recognize the imported ones from TC's API, except my class called 'AgentListener' . Hence the project won't compile.

I have attached my code as a .zip archive. You can extract the archive and open it in your IDE directly.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.


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