Details regarding custom statistics


I'm currently investigating a plugin to support our tool on TeamCity 8.1.4. My first goal is basically to display a custom chart with informations from our tool according to previous builds. So I basically referred to this page for inputs but I have trouble understanding how to link my data and the graph.

What I got was that I need to create a custom build metric by extending ValueType (or children class) + BuildFinishAware and somehow refer to it in my graph. I would understand if I had some graph tags somewhere but following the doc page I just use the built-in tag :

<%@taglib prefix="stats" tagdir="/WEB-INF/tags/chart"%>
<stats:buildChart id="g1" valueType="BuildDuration"/>

(By the way I think it's supposed to be /WEB-INF/tags/graph and buildGraph instead of what is shown in the docs, because I didn't find any chart tag)

Should I just put the name of my class in valueType tag ? How does it work exactly ? In addition, is there some built-in way to include third party HTML programmatically into a page ?

Anyway if someone has pointers or a page I missed I'd appreciate it.


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