Teamcity plugin(Opencover) installed, not available in the Runner type combo

Hi friends,
I am trying to use the OpenCover Tool for Code coverage. I downloaded the plugin for the same and  followed the steps.
1. Shut down the Teamcity server.
2.Copied the zip file to location: Teamcity path\plugins
3.Restarted server.

In Teamcity console if I view Administration--> Plugins List, Opencover is listed under the External plugin heading.
But if am trying to include a build step with runner type, Opencover is not available in the select Runner type combo( of the build step).
Please help me out.Thanks in advance.

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This is a third-party plugin not bundled with TeamCity, so we would recommend you to contact plugin's developer.
Also please watch/vote for the related feature request -


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