VMware cloud image incompatible

I'm trying to use the cloud plugin to start and stop agents as needed but it's not working as expected.  When I start the VM image from the cloud tab, the build won't run because it says it's incompatible for the following reason:

Incompatible runner:  Ant

Missing VCS plugins on agent:  CVS

I'm not sure why this VM behaves different depending on how it's started.  If I stop the VM and start it through vSphere, the agent will start working properly.  Is there something I'm missing or haven't setup yet?  When I click on the Agent Parameters tab, there is nothing listed under System Properties, Environment Variables, and Configuration Parameters.  I saw another post about that being a sign of the agent not starting properly but the image is up and I can RDP into it.  Everything looks setup correctly and should be good for a build.

Any help would be appreciated!  Thanks!
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Can anyone help?

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A note: the investigation continued via the support email.


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