modify build number when build completes?

We've got a trigger plugin that changes the build number format using info regarding what triggered the build ("%build.counter% (extra info)"). We have another type of build configuration that I'd like to write a plugin for which would modify the build number of the current build at the end of a build, based on information generated by the build itself (an ant step).

If that is too late to modify the build number, a fallback option would be to modify the text status of the build.

So my question is threefold.

  1. What type of plugin would I write? Maybe a custom build runner?
  2. If a custom build runner isn't the best choice, how would I get my plugin's logic to trigger at an "end of build" event?
  3. Would changing the build number format late in the build process update the current build's build number field much like our custom trigger does? If not, is my only option to use something else like the text status?


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