Cloud plugin I've built doesn't start.

I've taken the OpenStack plugin as a base and redone it for Marathon, but now I just get this slightly useless warning over and over:

[2015-08-04 16:22:13,955]   INFO [3 Flush Queue 1] - .instances.StartInstanceAction - Starting cloud instance: profile 'Test'{id=MARATH-1}, teamcity.marathon.MarathonCloudImage@117a4b98, hash=v4IYYovfDMEMJgecrhXD6Puke1QT1ZdI, reason=Automatic start: Start instance to get instance agent details
[2015-08-04 16:22:13,958]   WARN [3 Flush Queue 1] - .instances.StartInstanceAction - Failed to start cloud instance: profile 'Test'{id=MARATH-1}, teamcity.marathon.MarathonCloudImage@117a4b98. java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: teamcity.marathon.docker.App

I checked the contents of the jar and it appears to be there, so I don't really understand what's going wrong. It would be more useful to see the stack trace and it seems weird this is logged at WARN given that it appears to stop the plugin dead.

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As discussed in a duplicating support thread, after turning on teamcity-cloud logging preset, it was possible to localize the plugin issue.


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