Accessing cloud profile from other components


I'm building a new cloud provider, and would like to be able to show some properties of a cloud profile within a Build Feature. How can I get access to cloud profiles (esp ones of a specific type)? The CloudRegistrar sounded right, but doesn't have any properties for getting data out of it.

Also, given that I can access the profile, can I make changes to it as well? 


Hi Carl, to list all cloud profiles please use CloudManagerBase#listProfiles.

CloudManagerBase is a spring bean, so you should be able to autowire it.


Hi Sergey,

Thanks! I can't find that class, tough? I can see in other cloud plugins that it seems to be in a cloud-server package, and I actually saw a snapshot version of it in your repositories a few days ago. Now it seems to have been removed, however.

Anything I'm missing?



It's actually not a open-api now and not published, but you can grab it from TC installation: TC/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/lib/cloud-server.jar


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