Having difficulty with unmet requirement

i have project with 2 build configurations. First one runs on Windows agent and grabs artifacts and send it to second one which uses Linux agent.

Each build configuration uses different command line to accomplish the text. Second build config which uses linux depends on the successful build of first config which uses Windows agent so I setup the "snapshot dependency" and also "artifact dependency" on that linux machine to pont to artifact on 1st build config's Windows agent.

But now there is implicit requirement named

  • dep.SlowBuildChain_WindowsBuild.<artifactName> defined in 2nd Build step

It is also undeletable, and because of it, I can not assign the linux agent to the 2n build step. In the agent screen, If I assign 2nd build config to the linux agent. This happens If I explicitly assign 2nd build config to linux agent but that build config shows up under assigned incompatible configuration most likely due to implicit windows dependency:


Assigned incompatible configurations (1)

Implicit requirements:
  • dep.SlowBuildChain_WindowsBuild.BIOS-version defined in Build step: 2.flash


This does not look right, although there is an artifact dependency that are coming from Windows machine it should have nothing to do with it and why it is incompatible? I am not running this build config on Windows machine just using artifact from it?

I am using 9.1.7 version and did not see this issue on 10.x while i was using. I stopped using 10.x because of other difficulty with svn.

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Do you reference dep.SlowBuildChain_WindowsBuild.BIOS-version parameter in the build step? Could you please attach screenshot of the "Build step: 2.flash" build step settings? 


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