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This might be a very easy answer to this question as im really new to TeamCity and general programming.


We have 2 projects, One Auto Debug which checks every minute for an update in our SVN, once it finds and update it then triggers a build to update and run, this take only takes around 5 minutes.

The second project takes around 1 hour to build, but we only was it to run twice a day at most - If we have committed 20 updates during that day, it will build each revision then run the project - Is there a way that we can just get it to update to the latest revision and then build rather than going through every update?

This might sound easy but its driving me nuts figuring this out!

Any Help is greatly appreciated



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Hello Ben,

If you want build two trigger twice a day, you can use Schedule Trigger (instead of VCS trigger). The Schedule Trigger allows you to set the time when a build of the configuration will be run. Is it what you were looking for?


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