Some way to implement own ArtifactsPublisher

I'm wondering is there any simple way to make the custom ArtifactsPublisher?

If I create some class extended from jetbrains.buildServer.agent.impl.BaseArtifactsPublisher this custom publisher registered in 

jetbrains.buildServer.agent.impl.artifacts.ArtifactsPublisherProviderImpl.myPublishers but will be filtered out by ArtifactsPublisherProviderImpl.getApplicable method.

It seems that ArtifactsPublisherProvider supports only default publishers with type "DefaultStorage" and "artifacts.cache.publisher".

Maybe "getApplicable" logic should be shifted from ArtifactsPublisherProvider to the ArtifactsPublisher? In this case artifact publishing can be exended by custom plugins.

Official comment

In this build, the Artifact Publishing API is under heavy construction and (unfortunately) is not extensible yet

Dmitiry, what version of TeamCity are you using?


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