Creating a meta runner from build configuration


Hey all,


Is it possible to extract a meta runner and only have the <parameters> element list contain parameters that are actually used in any of the build runners?


At the moment i have some top level parameters configuration for things, when i create a build config, lets say it only has a single step which is a power shell script that looks like "Write-Host %configuration.somevariable%" the <parameters> tag in the meta runner will have %configuration.somevariable% and all of the other parameters that have been defined at a higher level in the project hierarchy. I don't need these parameters so can i extract the meta runner without parameters that are not used? Or do i have to modify the meta runner XML manually.



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Hello Steve,

Currently there is no option to include/exclude inherited parameters from meta-runner. We have the related request in tracker:, please vote for it.

The current workaround is to remove not needed parameters from the extracted xml manually.


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