Using secondary VCS root for source DLL's




I hope I can be helped. 

I have set up a secondary VCS root to pull a set of dll's into my current project.  The reference hint provided by my coders is specific ..\..\..\somedirectory\somefolder\somefolder\my.dll

I have configured the checkout rule to pull from the source +:/somefolder/somefolder/my.dll => ./somedirectory/somefolder/somefolder/

When trying to build the project I get a compilation error saying that it cannot find the assembly referenced.

This is the first time I have tried to pull external dll's into my TC build and am obviously making a mess of it.

Any help would be gratefully recieved

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Hello Paul,

Could you please go on agent machine to the checkout directory and check whether my.dll was checked out to the correct directory? The path to the checkout directory can be found in the build log.

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Hi Alina - thanks for the response.


To add further information to this post (in case anyone else finds it useful) I did check to see what was being checked out and the directory that it was being checked into by adding a build step command line using the command 'dir /s'

this showed me that the paths being referenced by the code needed amending.


many thanks,



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Thank you for the update! Glad that issue was resolved.


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