"Failed to start build..." when the branch has been deleted on purpose


My team uses TeamCity to run builds and tests on a bunch of branches. When a feature is completed on its own branch, and all tests are green in TC, it is quite normal for the feature branch to get merged back to the mainline and then be deleted. 

However, TC sees this as a problem and shows this error message for the project:

"Failed to start build ##### in branch ##### at 05 Oct 16 10:14 on ####"


TeamCity is working mostly very well for our team, but I have been unable to find an answer to

1) why TC thinks a completed feature branch is a problem

2) How can I keep TC happy when a branch is no longer needed

3) How can I at least hide these errors

I also tried merging the feature branch through TC using the "manual merge" merge (quite well hidden) but even that does not get rid of the branch after there is no use for it.

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Maybe this was just a configuration error on our part. We had other issues with some branches refusing to trigger a build, but figuring that out seems to have resolved these error messages as well.


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