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We have a large legacy website which we wish to build in TC and use Octopus Deloy as the CD engine.

We have everything set up, and the Octopack installed on the TC server and all builds fine but doesn't emit any artifacts.

We have added Octopack to the website and committed to our VSC, but I suspect the reason it doesn't create any artifacts is because we don't have a project file for the website as it is a web site project and not web application. Also, I did read in one article that the website needed to have a nupsec file or artifacts wouldn't be created, is this true as we'd have to manually create one an there are hundreds of folders and sub folders in our site.


Thanks in advance for any advice.


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Hi Adam,

Octopack plugin for TeamCity is a third party plugin provided by Octopus Deploy. Please contact Octopus Deploy support: for more details.


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