Email sending to the GROUP is not working



I'm setting up newest Teamcity from zero and can't get email sending to the groups working. So for instance I got just 1 group now with all users and got options enabled like send notification when "Build starts" or when "Build fails" , it works for the person who is author of the change, the email will get sent to him about when the build starts, progress and if/or it fail, but email is sent only to him, not the group which is bad, I want to make sure ALL users within the group receive same emails. Not sure what I'm doing wrong here, could anyone advice here please ?





Could you please attach screenshot of the configured notification rules and teamcity-notifications.log? Thank you!


So these are my group notification settings, as you can see email sending to group should work with these settings, but currently no emails are being sent with these emails (even to original build author), which is very bad.


The goal: when build starts/fails/finishes or anything happens with build - send notification to everyone in "All users" group.


These are latest lines from notifications file.


Please advice.


Thank you


Ok, found what was the issue.


The issue was "Edit branch filter" in email notifications, it was empty , when I put +:* there, things started to work! AND IMHO THIS IS SHOULD BE THERE BY DEFAULT





Thank you for the update. By default "+:<default>" branch should be selected, empty branch should not be supported. What TeamCity version do you use? Did you change Branch filter somehow? Are you able to configure empty branch filter now?


I am also facing the same issue. I set notification riles for the group but emails are not being send to group. I tried to "Edit branch filter" with +:* but still this not working for me.

But if i set notification rules for individual user, then it is working but failed for group.

here is the screenshot if my email settings. The version i am using is TeamCity Enterprise 2017.1.1 (build 46654)


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