TeamCity Project branch drop-down default value


Is is possible to change the default value of the drop-down selector on a project page from 'Active branches' to 'Default branches'? In our case, we generally have a ton of active branches and loading project pages suffers from the overhead. It'd be preferable for us to default to something that loads faster, like 'Default branch'.



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Hello Jasen,

You can select branch on Project overview page, see the screenshot After that, if you open B build configuration it will open on default branch.
Perhaps if you have too many branches in one build configuration, it makes sense to create several build configurations that monitor some of branches.

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Thanks, Alina. That works well if I go to the project page from the Project Overview page. But most of my users get to the landing page, then choose their project from the "Projects" drop-down in the upper left corner. When they do that, they still get Active branches. Is there a similar option for that link/page? If not, an easy solution would be to have them bookmark this page.


Thanks for your help!

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Thank you for the provided details. I have created the ticket in our bug tracker: to support it for Projects popup. Please watch/vote for it.


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