TeamCity 10 not detecting changes for CVS

I have a TeamCity Pro 10.0.1 on my desktop Win7 PC for evaluation, with a CentOS 6 build agent in a virtual machine.

I have a CVS repository and while I have set the VCS root correctly, the ant build step and the VCS check-in trigger with no rules, it doesn't pick up any changes in the branch I'm working on (I don't have any other branches and I haven't the option to check if HEAD changes are picked up because I can't update it at will).


Here's the VCS root info:



Running a build manually works fine.


Here's the latest output of the teamcity-cvs.log:


[2016-09-23 13:09:40,870]   INFO [ical executor 1] -      jetbrains.buildServer.VCS - Finish collecting changes successfully for VCS root "cds_trunk" {instance id=11, parent internal id=2, parent id=Cds_CdsTrunk, description: "cvs: yyy"} from state SingleVersionRState{2016/09/23 13:08:30 -0500 at Fri Sep 23 13:08:30 CDT 2016} to state SingleVersionRState{2016/09/23 13:09:40 -0500 at Fri Sep 23 13:09:40 CDT 2016}; 0 changes collected 0 changes persisted, total time: 3ms, persisting time: 1ms 


Is there a particular feature we need to enable in the CVS server repository? If true, how can we check if that feature is enabled and what would be the steps to enable it?

Or would it be a missing or wrong config on the TeamCity?


Any more info or log outputs we need to troubleshoot, I can provide, but I'm new to TeamCity so I don't know where to start.

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Might be worth mentioning that when I do manual builds, the Changes tab doesn't show any changes at all.

Thanks in advance!

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Hello Arturo,

Could you please attach screenshot of the VCS root setting? Does the build triggered automatically on changes? Do you have any checkout rules configured? 


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