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I see that TC 10.x doesn't include the the NUnit3 runner, why is that? The NUnit task has always been easy to use, but now you need to set up a path to the agent or relative to your package folder. This is cumbersom and both will break in time. The best solution for me would be to choose "Lateset NUnit3.x version" and then TC would choose the latest version it ships with.

I have never had any problems with NUnit breaking their API within the same mayor version. Is this the reason to set the NUnit runner explicit?



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We decided provide an option to configure path to NUnit instead of bundling it because NUnit is released more often the TeamCity. Now users are more flexible in choosing needed NUnit version.

To simplify the setup you can create additional first build step and install NUnit using Nuget restore runner. Another option is to create .zip archive and distribute it on agents using Administration | Tools page.

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Thanks, but still a lot of work compared to NUnit 2.x. Why don't you do both?

1. Explicit NUnit runner path

2. "Latest NUnit3.x" runner. This is the one TeamCity decides to ships with.


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Yes, we understand that it's more complex at the moment. We are planning to add ability to install NUnit via TeamCity UI on Administration > Tools page.

Sorry for the inconvenience. 


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