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Hello everyone,

I am currently in the process of setting up a TeamCity cloud agent on AWS. I was able to get all the permissions working and the VM's spin up ust fine. I was hoping to implement the Agent Push feature with the cloud profile so that it installs the agents on demand when a VM is spun up but I have not been able to get that working. I've waited upwards of an hour and the agent never gets pushed. However, if I try to manually push the agent then it works just fine and it starts building. I'm not sure what the issue is since I am using the same exact preset as the one that is applied on the Cloud Profile when I try to do it manually. Has anyone run into this issue or might be aware of what might be causing the issue?

One thing i've noticed is that in the logs, it's as if the machine isn't spun up? Nothing in the logs update until I manually push the agent myself and then it starts saying agent has been pushed and machine has registered, but before that nothing gets logged for some odd reason.


I am currently running version 10.0.1 of TeamCity



Any help would be appreaciated!



Hello Raul,

Please double check that you enabled agent push in cloud profile. If it's configured, then please enable <debug-all> logging preset on Administration > Diagnostics page, reproduce the issue and send us the whole resulting teamcity-agentPush.log?


I'm running into the same thing with TeamCity 10.0.3. From what I can see in the teamcity-agentPush.log is that it detects that this machine is running and the preset id for the agent profile is correct. However, I think this line is telling:

DEBUG - ds.AgentPushCloudEventListener - Cloud instance event for null machine is Running

My guess is that for some reason, you are not detecting the IP address for the host inside of the VPC, so the agentPush code doesn't know who it should talk to start the agent.


Hello Chris,

We have bug in our issue tracker that looks related: Could you please describe your use case in comments and attach teamcity-agentPush.log file?


My use case is different.

I am using AWS EC2 Cloud, with the instances being spun up in a private VPC in a non-public network. TeamCity is in the same VPC and address space and communication between the agent is solid. That bug is not quite the same, since it deals with Windows, and I'm running Ubuntu on my build hosts, using ssh private keys.

Are you recommending that I open a new issue? I can do that.



Hi Chris,

Yes, please create a new bug report in YouTrack, describe your environment and attach logs. Thank you! 


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