TeamCity cannt connect to VSTS


I am trying to connect Teamcity with VSTS, Our TeamCity(9.1.7) server is sitting behind the proxy and I have already put the proxy settings to the JVM startup options

Now I can connect to Github but not VSTS,I got error saying:

(Team Foundation Server) TF400324: Team Foundation services are not available from server
Technical information (for administrator):
  Unable to connect to the remote server
(Subversion) Failed to connect to the server using the specified URL, error: Connection refused: connect

Read from this Post here, looks like people are having same issues:

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Hello Rex,

Please try to add teamcity.tfs.useSystemProxy=true property to the file. Let us know, if it helps.

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Hi Alina,


I have tried adding Teamcity.tfs.usersystemproxy=true,

 Also tried adding SET TEAMCITY_SERVER_OPTS=%TEAMCITY_SERVER_OPTS% -Dproxyset=true -Dhttp.proxyPort=8080 -Dhttps.proxyPort=8080

worked for Github, but not for VSTS

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Copied from email support:

In TeamCity 9.1.x TFS support uses .net Team Explorer libraries, so to properly configure proxy settings you should do following:

  • Open Internet Explorer on TeamCity server machine, check proxy settings and ensure that you can navigate to your VSTS server
  • Ensure that you have set internal property teamcity.tfs.useSystemProxy=true.

In TeamCity 10.x was introduced lots of TFS improvements including java working mode which uses bundled TFS libraries and uses same proxy settings as TeamCity server.
So, if you can upgrade TeamCity to the latest version, do it, then define following internal properties to enable java mode:


Then try to connect to the TFVC project in your VSTS account. Please let us know if it works.

Your settings for VSTS VCS Root should be filled as following:

Root: $/projectfolder/folder

For alternate credentials:
Username: ##LIVE##\%username%
Password: %password%

For personal access token:
Username: ##LIVE##\
Password: %token%

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Hi Team,

You have been supporting in a great way. I need one more help from the technical team.

Even I am facing the same issue. I am using TeamCity version: TeamCity Enterprise 2017.2 (build 50574)

Whenever I try to connect to VSTS, it says connection time out error.

I have set the proxy in the server where TeamCity is hosted and able to connect to VSTS repos in the browser from the same server.

But still not able to connect in TeamCity application.

I have also set the "teamcity.tfs.useSystemProxy=true" in the internal properties file of TeamCity. but no luck.

Can anyone please help in this.


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