TeamCity Project unable to find nuget package hosted by different server


Using Team City Enterprise 9.1.7

We have set up our own package server separate from Team City to allow us to store and maintain multiple versions of our solution's 50+ dlls.  We build and publish the dlls to the server from various Team City projects, and to-date this has been very successful.

Currently, I am working on a project that requires use of a new DLL (Tools.Common), in addition to approximately 50 other dll's generated by the project.  When running the build step to retrieve the package, Team City easily pulls all of the other 50+ dlls, but then gives an error complaining that it can't find version of Tools.Common.

When developing the solution, I am pulling the same package from the same server as Team City.  I have also verified that the Tools.Common dll is versioned, deployed and properly hosted on our Nuget server.  I have even cleared the nuget caches on my local development box to ensure that the package is pulled from the package server at build time.  But for some reason, Team City is unable to find this one dll.

The ony difference between the packages is how they are constructed. The other 50 dlls are built in a project using very simple .nuspec files combined with the artifacts of the main build project.  However, Tools.Common is packaged and deployed to the package server  directly from the Project where it is built.

Could there be something about the package that Team City is unable to recognize?


Update -

I have reconfigured my Team City project to build the nuget package from a nuspec file that is more similar to that used for the other projects that it finds successfully.  It was building the package from the .NET .csproj file instead.  At any rate, this did not help as Team City is still unable to find this version of the package.


Hello Kerry,

Could you please try to run the same command as TeamCity runs via command line on the agent machine? Please find the command in the build log. Are all packages restored successfully?

Please use the following guidelines to investigate the case and attach the requested logs. Thank you!


Thanks for the pointers.  It became apparent by close examination on the nuget command line that I was pointed to the wrong nuget feed server.  My parameters were set, but the project configuration was a copy of an old one that still pointed to the Team City package server, which is no longer getting updated with all packages.

Mark this as resolved.



Thank you for the update. Glad that issue was resolved!


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