BuildAgent won't stay connected to TeamCity Server

I have TeamCity installed on a machine, and the machine had no BuildAgent or BuildAgent service installed.

I installed a build agent to the machine, but it has been stuck in " Agent has unregistered (will upgrade)" status for a day now.

I have used the webform to upload snippets from my logs, the files are


agent-log.txt (17 kb)
server-log.txt (24 kb)
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I've created a gist of the logs 

It's a Build Agent fail to upgrade loop, I guess, but it's strange because the agent was installed from the installer provided by my installation of TeamCity.

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Hi Brendan,

Do you have proxy server configured before TeamCity web port? 

Are you able to access http://localhost/update/teamcity-agent.xml from the TeamCity agent? Please try using curl to download the files from the same machine and same OS user as TeamCity agent runs under.


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