Cannot parametrize Target configurations field in Unreal Engine plugin

I want to parametrize Target configurations field in the Unreal Engine build step so I can use the parameter set during triggering as a target configuration. This is currently not possible because the Target configurations field is a dropdown instead of text. One way to avoid this would be to add something like “-targetplatform=%parameter%” to Additional arguments but it is also not a solution because the Target configurations field is mandatory. I tried to edit the plugin's unreal-engine-runner.xml to set the mandatory option to false and import the plugin as a zip but without success. So I ended up with two similar build steps (development + shipping) in one configuration with custom conditions.  So if a configuration was triggered with a parameter set to development, the shipping step will be skipped and vice versa.
Is there any better solution or a chance that this will be changed in future plugin builds? Thanks.


Hi Miro,

Please can you check the version of Unreal Engine plugin you're currently using. We added the ability to use parameters in the Target Configurations and Target Platforms fields in version 1.0.0 of the Unreal plugin, released back in May 2024. Although the field is still a type of drop-down in version 1.0.0, you can type in “%” in the Target Configurations field and it will show a list of parameters for selection.

The latest version of the Unreal plugin can be obtained from here:



Hi Daniel,

My current version is 1.0.2. At the time I wrote my post, I was able to use parameters in the Target Platforms field using “%” but not in the Target Configurations field. When I tried it now it worked. Maybe I was trying it on an older version when it was not 100% working or there was some problem on my side. In any case, it is working now as expected which is great. 

Thanks for your reply.


Ok great, I'm glad to hear it's working now!


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